The Ken Austin Class

Teacher: Ken Austin

This class uses the David Cook Bible Study which includes comprehensive study, daily Scripture readings and discussion time. Sharing viewpoints adds to class interest and opinions can be quite varied since the 10-12 attendees range from ages 20-75 years. The class invites all who share an interest in Bible study and discussion to join them at any time.

Discussion Class

Teacher: Mac McDaniel

The class is currently studying books by Max Lucado but regardless of the book they are studying, the discussion is open and lively. Average attendance is 20-30 and members often learn as much from each other as from the study material. They strive to find God’s will and apply it to their lives. Most members are 40+ but all ages are invited.

Faith, Hope & Love Class

Teacher: Karen McGinnis

The class uses discussion to enhance their studies of books by various authors such as James W. Moore, J. Ellsworth Kalas and Max Lacado. The 10 members on the roll invite all who are interested in expanding their knowledge of current Christian authors to join them.

Wesley/Helpers Class

Teachers: Tamara Norman & Sheila Barrell

The class uses Adult Bible Study material and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Members and visitors alike are immediately “taken into the fold.” The 14 members on the roll join in intercessory prayer for sick members and friends of the church body and share their love for God’s family.

True Believers Class

Teachers: Linda Whitley

The lively discussion in this class stems from open sharing of ideas, opinions, and life lessons. While they have studied books by a number of authors, their first love is studying the Bible. Members enjoy finding new ways to understand God’s Word and seeing its relevance to their daily lives. They share laughter, tears, church and personal concerns, and find strength through a weekly intercessory prayer circle — and lots of hugs. Grace is abundant and blessings flow as members grow closer to God and each other. Spiritual growth is evident and members of all ages invite you to join them at any time.

Kingdom Seekers Class

Teacher: Kenny McCombs

This class is for the young adult (18 to 30 years old) and will seek answers to life’s questions through the study of God’s Word and learn to incorporate this knowledge in our daily lives. We discuss current events and in each situation form a perspective which lines up with the truth of the Bible.

Faith Matters Class

Teachers: William Barnhardt & Travis Reed

Discussion is the key to the class plan and while the members are mostly 40+, all age groups are invited to join. Activities include an annual Christmas party and quarterly luncheons. Strongly support each other through prayer and fellowship.

Studies in Faith Class

Teacher: Terry Jonker

The Studies in Faith class is a Bible-focused discussion group that utilizes a combination of open-Bible study, video-centered study materials, and other Christian books that focus on building and sharing our Christian faith. For example, we have studies books by J. Ellsworth Kalas, James Moore, and Adam Hamilton. We have also completed in-depth studies of the books of Acts and Romans. We encourage questions and personal experiences from the class which determine the pace and direction of our discussions. We enjoy coffee every week, quarterly pot-luck breakfasts, and an annual Christmas party to strengthen our fellowship. Most members are 50+, but all ages are welcome.